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 Did you know the world was filled with giants displaying superhuman strength and knowledge of the secrets of Heaven? They were half Angel and half earthly women and called Nephilim. Genesis 6:4.  They altered the DNA of man and animals to create monsters and dinosaurs. This is why God flooded the earth. As told in the Book of Enoch, Book of Giants, Book of Jasher and book of Jubilees,etc.

Noah and his family. Noah is seen guiding the ark.
The scarab represents the body of Adam, known as Atum in ancient Egypt. 
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While studying the Yokut Indians of the San Joaquin Valley I came across a myth about the Great Flood and the people who survived in a boat. It peeked my curiosity so I broke out the Bible and read the original account. I was looking for parallels to the myth.
  What I discovered is truly amazing and unexpected. I read the preflood and postflood accounts and found some truths which rearranged my thinking. How could I have not seen or understood these passages before? Could this be true? A world filled with giants displaying superhuman strength, and knowledge of the secrets of Heaven. (Genesis 6:1-7)They didn't teach this in Sunday school. It reads more like the Greek myths and Atlantis. The Bible calls them nephilim.
  Very little is known about the people who lived before the Great Flood (antediluvians). Genesis chapters 2 through 7 provide a synopsis of that age. Ancient Jewish writings provide more possible detail. However, no archeological discoveries have been made which would reveal additional information about this lost society. Therefore, scripture is all we have to rely on.
  The book of Genesis identifies the life-spans of the antediluvians as approximately 900 years (Massoretic Text).  According to Scripture, the ages at which the antediluvians had children range from 65 to over 100 years of age.
   For the first time in my life I was compelled to read the apocrypha. I was aware of these writings but my traditional mindset dismissed them. The world's scholars are divided over the apocrypha. People must discern for themselves what is truth. The Biblical account is always the basis of truth and everything else is built on it's foundation.. We are all guilty of bending the truth towards our own conclusions.. I am periodically making corrections to this site, it's a progressive process, an eternal war. Sometimes I am my own worst enemy.

There is a remarkable similarity between the Biblical flood and the Greek myth of a flood. Is it possible the Greek Myths are not myths. Was Zeus a nephilim? Was his father a fallen angel? The ancient Greeks believed in a flood that destroyed all mankind similar to the account described in the Bible. In the Greek myth, the flood took place during the age of Deucalion 1(1450 BC). Deucalion 1 and his wife, Pyrrah 1, were warned in advance of the coming deluge and told to construct a chest and fill it with provisions.The source of the coming deluge was the anger of Zeus towards mankind. Zeus had become disgusted at the degeneration of humans,
  and in particular, the practice of human sacrifice. Zeus assembled the gods and decided to wipe out mankind by water. Deucalion and Pyrrah survived the flood by floating in the chest they built. They floated in the chest for nine days and nine nights and came to rest on a mountain in Phocis. Once Zeus realized that the world was a stagnant pool of water survived only by Deucalion and Pyrrah, he stopped the rains and restored the land. In order to repopulate the world, the gods instructed the survivors to cast stones over their heads. The stones cast by Deucalion became men and the stones cast by Pyrrah became women. This recreation by stone was used to explain the hardness of the human race. There are a great number of differences between the Greek myth and the account of the flood described in the Bible. For example, there is evidence that the biblical flood took place much earlier. Furthermore, unlike the Greek myth, Noah and his family were saved along with sufficient animal life to repopulate the planet. However, both accounts maintain that the world was destroyed as the result of mankind's sin, and the human race was saved as a result of a few individuals leading a righteous life. This story is world wide. Every culture has a flood story. There must be truth in it's origin.
   It puzzles me how so many cling to Darwin’s theories when he refuted them himself. It is very evident there is a hidden agenda. The last few months of Darwin’s life were filled with Gospel hymns  and Scriptural readings on his death bed. He was quoted as saying "I was a young man with unformed ideas, I threw out queries, suggestions, wondering all the time over everything: and to my astonishment the ideas took like wild fire. People made a religion out of them." Dr. Oswald J. Smith.
Did Darwin become a Christian on his deathbed?

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