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God’s Matrix: an illusion of Reality

If you have seen the science fiction film “The Matrix” then you know the premise. The film describes a future in which reality perceived by humans is actually the Matrix, a simulated reality created by sentient machines in order to pacify and subdue the human population while their bodies' heat and electrical activity are used as an energy source. Once you understand we are Energy (metaphysical), as described below, you have the perspective to see God’s Matrix. Just like the film it is a simulated reality, or as Einstein said, an illusion of reality. Unlike the film it is God who is in control but there are entities which know some of the secrets and have power to influence us. It’s Evil and sin we fight against not machines. Jesus is the Messiah of this matrix not Keanu Reeves. Because of the  Antediluvian tragedy God has placed severe restrictions on man by what we call Physics. After the Tower of Babel episode he restricted us even more. Morpheus said" we are bound to a prison that you can't see, smell or hear." This prison is SIN as described in The Bible. You shall know the Truth and the Truth shall set you free (John 8:32).

We are Energy
In 1905 Albert Einstein's theory of relativity shook the foundations of science. His profound theory is still not understood by many physicists today. Albert Einstein concluded that everything is energy. Previously physicists believed everything was made up of two separate elements, matter and energy. This, had it been true would mean that the human mind was separate from the human body. With his theory Einstein turned this idea of separateness on its head. E = mc2 in fact proved everything is energy and therefore there is no dualistic world, in fact everything in the universe was connected.

Today scientists still cannot explain what energy is. Energy takes different forms of course but it is considered in terms of its vibration. Dense forms of energy like metal or stone vibrate at a very slow rate, where as gas or sunlight energy vibrate at a much faster rate. From our human perception, things appear to be solid and separate from one another. However at the subatomic level seemingly solid matter is actually electrons spinning in a circular fashion around the nucleus of the atom and beyond the subatomic level we find elementary particles which scientists have proven to have a dual nature. They sometimes act as tiny particles of matter and sometimes they behave as a wave of pure energy.

What science has ultimately discovered is the universe consists of something beyond the realm of matter and that something is the realm of pure energy. Quantum physicists with the use of highly advanced equipment known as particle accelerators have performed documented experiments which have revealed subatomic particles sometimes appear out of thin air. These new particles appear to divide and then collide with one another and then disappear. This, scientists believe proves that there is a universe of pure energy beyond our material universe. Some say this universe of pure energy produces the universe of matter that we perceive as human beings, God’s illusion of reality.

Due to our physical senses most of us still perceive the world as dualistic, that being matter and energy as two separate entities. This is, and science has now proven it, an incorrect perception of what reality is. By clinging to this inaccurate view of the world we limit ourselves in experiencing the full scope of our consciousness. With the knowledge we have learned from these breakthroughs in science we need to let go of these outdated perceptions of reality and understand that there is no such thing as matter, there is only forms of energy vibrating at different rates. Some vibrating so slowly they appear to be matter but understand the matter you appear to see is only an illusion created by swirling masses of energy. That matter is a concept created by the human mind but it is not an actual substance.

Understanding that nothing is matter, not even your body, it is easy to understand that your feelings and emotions are not matter but very fast vibrating forms of energy. These feelings and emotions are elements which are a part of your consciousness. An easy way to bring in this new concept of “everything is energy” into your life is to imagine that everything around you is made up of vibrating energy, even though you can’t see that it is vibrating. Try to imagine it as tiny microscopic particles vibrating together to make up objects of different shapes and sizes all around you.

At this point you may be asking yourself how this article on energy has anything to do with God. By accepting everything is energy including your body and your thoughts you are taking a step closer to understanding God and the world as he created it. How grateful we should be when we understand his perfect and righteous motives. It proves my theory that Science and Creation are inseparable and intertwined in the Kingdom of Heaven. Jesus said the Kingdom of Heaven is within you and all around you. This Truth becomes clear when you understand we are energy. The idea of Paradise in an alternate dimension becomes plausible. It explains why Paul and Enoch were able to go directly to Paradise. This understanding allows us to be content and less apprehensible with this world. It helps us to comprehend Scripture. The prophesies, the rapture and the end of the world are discernible.  Ultimately this illusion will end and we will be released from this world, God's Matrix. You may have once believed that your brain was responsible for creating your thoughts but now if you accept that everything is energy you will understand that your brain is not some material that produces thoughts because your brain is not made of matter, it is made of the same thing as everything else, energy, and energy as we have learned from Einstein cannot be created. Although your brain’s electrical and chemical processes do affect your thoughts, scientific experiments have proven this, your thoughts come from your consciousness which is another form of energy and that consciousness has existed in some form or another since the beginning of the universe. Not one scientist can tell you where consciousness resides. Scripture associates it with your spirit and soul.

Albert Einstein said “reality is merely an illusion”. Reality is a projection of your thoughts or the things you habitually think about. It is God’s Holy Spirit that gives us direction. Your entire life and everything in it is a result of your belief system coupled with your thoughts. The feelings and emotions you have cement this in your mind and the illusion of all of this combined is what you see as your reality on a moment to moment and day to day basis. The bottom line and the most important things in life are belief and faith.  Whether you believe in God or not, your life depends on your faith, your consciousness.


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